Maybelline Golden Fuse Blush (Review, Swatches)

Maybelline Blush

Maybelline’s limited edition spring release.

Where to Buy:  drugstores – I bought mine on eBay from this seller
Price:  around $9
Quantity:  2.5 grams

Maybelline released three blushes in this collection – this one, a cool lavender pink and a bright orange.  I chose:

Golden Fuse (215):  shimmery golden peach with gold glitter

Maybelline Blush

Maybelline Blush

Maybelline Golden Fuse

Maybelline Golden Fuse

This blush is a domed, baked product that doesn’t produce excess powder when you’re using it.  If the glitter isn’t for you, you can likely use a large powder brush to sweep it off your cheeks.  I use a light hand with it because it’s a little too warm for me, but it’s a beautiful shade for summer.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Yours in beauty,


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